CirroStore Manual - Seeding

"Seeding" is the initial process of copying your data to OnTheNet. This can be done over the internet or by copying your data to a portable storage device (e.g. a USB key or portable hard drive) and sending this to OnTheNet.

To seed over the internet, you just start a backup - the first backup creates the seed.

Doing the seeding over the internet can take some significant time, depending on how much data you have and the speed of your internet link. See the Approximate Seeding Times table for some approximate seeding times. During this time your internet link will be slower than normal as the data is transferred.

Approximate Seeding Times
  Amount of Data
Type Speed 10 GB 100 GB
SATA 2.0 2.4 Gbit/s 3m 30m
USB 2.0 40 MByte/s 4m 42m
100 Mb/s Ethernet 10 MByte/s 17m 2h 45m
ADSL2 100 KByte/s 1d 4h 11d 14h
ADSL (1.5/256) 32 KByte/s 3d 19h 37d 23h

After the first seeding copy, CirroStore does an incremental backup of your data which just transfers the changes to your data since the previous backup. This means subsequent backups are typically much faster than the first seeding backup.

If seeding over internet looks like it will take too long, you can use the Create New Seed option in CirrosStore's Advanced Actions section to copy your data to a portable storage device, then send your data to:

OnTheNet Pty Ltd
c/o Data Centre Team
Interactive (warehouse entrance)
437 Williamstown Road
Port Melbourne  VIC  3207