CirroStore Manual - General Topics - Filter Files


Excluding files or directories can be done by using Wordpad to manually add entries to the rsync filter files:

   C:\Program Files\OnTheNet\CirroStore\config\default.flt
   C:\Program Files\OnTheNet\CirroStore\config\default_filetypes.flt

Whilst these files actually work the same way, the convention is to use default.flt for file and directory paths, and default_filetypes.flt for file extensions. In particular, CirroStore uses the default_filetypes.flt file before the default.flt file, so default_filetypes.flt takes precedence.

File Types

Excluding file types is straight forward, e.g. to exclude all files anywhere on the system with the extension .abc:

   - *.abc

Note that the filter rules are case sensitive, whereas the Windows filesystem is somewhat case insensitive, which means that to exclude all files with the extension .tmp, regardless of case (e.g. .TMP .TmP etc.) you need to use:

   - *.[tT][mM][pP]

File Names

To exclude all files with a name starting with "My Temp File", in any case, you can use:

   - [mM][yY] [tT][eE][mM][pP] [fF][iI][lL][eE]*

To exclude all files with a name starting with "My Temp File", in any case, but only within a folder named "Foo", you can use:

   - [fF][oO][oO]/[mM][yY] [tT][eE][mM][pP] [fF][iI][lL][eE]*


To exclude all folders called "Folder Name" (and their contents), you can use:

   - Folder Name/***

(that's a minus sign, space, then the folder name followed by slash asterisk asterisk asterisk.) E.g. you can exclude all folders called "unwanted" using:

   - unwanted/***
That will exclude that folder name everywhere it appears in the folder hierarchy. You can exclude all "unwanted" folders that live inside a "Bar" folder like:
   - Bar/unwanted/***

Note that the folder names are case sensitive. To exclude all folders called "temp", in any case (e.g. Temp, TEMP etc.), you would use:

   - [Tt][Ee][Mm][Pp]/***

It gets a little trickier if you have the same folder name in multiple places, and you only want to exclude a specific one. E.g. if you have:

   E:\Foo\Bar\unwanted can use (note the leading slash):

   - /Foo/Bar/unwanted/***

NOTE The CirroStore filters currently can't distinguish between different drives, e.g. the filter above will exclude BOTH OF:


More Info

The full filter file syntax is specified in the "FILTER RULES" section here:

It can be a bit tricky to get right if you want to do things like "exclude everything in this folder except this sub-folder...". Hint: order matters A LOT, and you need to include the sub-folder (using a plus sign instead of a minus sign) and every path component within the parent folder before excluding the parent folder.