CirroStore Manual > Configuration > Folders to Backup

The Configuration > Folders to Backup page is where you choose which folders you'd like to back up.

Add Folder: this brings up a folder browser window where you can select a drive or folder to back up. To select multiple drives or folders, select one, click OK, and then click again on Add Folder.

If you select a network share mapped to a drive, CirroStore will pop up a window requesting a username and password. (Windows doesn't allow CirroStore to use the already-mapped drive, it must mount the share itself.) The user chosen must have full read permissions for the share.

Remove Selected: to remove a folder from your backups, highlight any of the folder names in the main window by clicking on them, then click on Remove Selected.

Save: when you're happy with your selection click on Save to save. If you have any redundant folders (e.g. having C:\ twice, or having C:\ and C:\Documents and Settings, where C:\ already includes C:\Documents and Settings) in your folder list the redundancies will be automatically removed.

Note: Within the folders selected on this page, the folders and files actually backed up is further constrained by the Filters File and File Type Filters File on the Configuration > Advanced Backup Config page.