CirroStore Manual > Configuration > Email & Alerts

The Configuration > Emails & Alerts page allows you to configure your emails and alerts.

Send diagnostic information to OnTheNet automatically after each backup?: As suggested, with this box checked CirroStore will send your logs to OnTheNet. This is normally unchecked, and should only be checked at the request of OnTheNet staff.

SMTP Settings

The settings in here are used when sending email. The settings should be the same as for your email program.

Server The name of your SMTP server for sending emails.

Port The port number for your SMTP server. The standard port number for most SMTP servers is 25, although in some servers will use 587.

Reset to Default This button sets the port number back to 25, the standard port number for most SMTP servers.

Username (if Required) If your SMTP server requires a username, put it here.

Password (if Required) If your SMTP server requires a username it will usually also require a password: put it here.

Send Test Email Once you've configured your SMTP server you can test it's working. This will send an email to both OnTheNet. and your own email address as configured in Email Address on the Username page. Please check that you've received the email!

Save: This button saves any settings you have changed. If you don't want to save your changes it's safe to simply click out of this page. You'll be presented with a message box asking if you'd like to save your changes and you can click Yes to save your changes, or No to discard your changes, or Cancel to go back into the configuration page.